About Clothing by Kamaara!

Clothing by Kamaara is not just a clothing store; it is a dream brought to life by the vision and determination of Mrs. Kanimozhi Ganesan. A visionary young woman entrepreneur who is purely to be independent and an inspiration to other woman. Her journey began with a dream to create a space where woman’s voices are heard, ideas are nurtured, and talents are celebrated. purely to be independent and an inspiration to other woman. For the past nine years, she has nurtured this dream, and Clothing by Kamaara has become a reality now.

Just as our name “Clothing by Kamaara” our collection for woman is also unique, trendy, and stylish with a deep understanding of the modern woman’s desires and aspirations, we strive to offer more than just beautiful attire; we aim to inspire and empower.

Your style journey starts hereā€”live your style, and love Clothing by Kamaara.

Magic happens the instant you drape those six yards of grace!


Visualization of the design, Sketching, and Weavefill and pixelation.


Kamaara Consists of wide variety of saree collections.


Sarees making involves process of winding, warping, dyeing, sizing, piecing, dressing and weaving.


Kamaara Online shopping for Fast delivery from a great selection.